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Admas University College gives short term training to tourist operation workers

Admas University College Training, consultancy and Business Development Office gave a short training to National Tourist Operation Workers from March 25 to 26/2014 on Ethical reports and information sharing for twelve hours. The number of trainees was 12. They are the amalgamation of  higher officials, middle level officials and simple workers.  Those who participated in giving the training were

  1. Ato Abate Getahum
  2. Taye Regassa

Meskel TVET College Students Second Bi-annual Academic Discussion Forum: Meskel TVET College has held the Second Students


Bi-annual academic discussion Forum of the year on Saturday from 10:00 to 12:00 A.M.

International Certification

CIsco Networking Cisco

The topic of the discussion of the discussion was on The Definition of TTLM and its Benefit. The 2nd Bi-annual Academic Discussion was opened by Talk Show on different issues like:
Presenting Amharic poems (three) prepared by students and the students counselor.

 AUC Quality Assurance Office 2013 Satisfaction Survey Results

Since Admas University College has a strong in tension to check and evaluate its yearly work and it has become a tradition since Quality Assurance Office come into existence to make such type of survey it had focused on five survey areas. Its findings are distributed over 20 focus issues.
The survey result report was presented to Admas University College Community at the senate hall from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. participants made constructive suggestion on the report. The discussion was so hot and lively and most participants made constructive suggestion on the report.



Olympia Campus Offered Training


Admas University College, Olympia Campus, offered training to staffs. According to Ato Tesfahun Kumilachew, Dean of the Campus, the main aim of the training was integrating new and senior staffs each other and with their respective duties.

The Campus offered the training in categories, such as Department heads, Library workers and Registrar staffs. The training focused on the issues of service improvement, guidelines, policies and strategies, curriculum, monitoring teaching process, technical skills, compliant handling and professional ethics.

“The campus also has a plan to update its staffs on new developments and service providing mechanisms in the future”, said the Dean.

 Africa Global Village Held in Admas



Admas, Olompia Campus, hosted Africa Global village in June, 13, 2013. Participants from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana and from Ethiopia (Addis Ababa University, Admas University College and Unity University) displayed their respective country’s culture on the stage.

The cultural show was a part of the Global Village program which has been run by (AIESEC)…. AIESEC program incorporated English language, leadership, entrepreneur and capacity building trainings. Currently, these trainings have been held in the Olompia Campus of Admas University College. 

SGCDO Offered Training

Students, Graduates and Community Development Office (SGCDO) offered training to Kerkose 01 kebele’s government administrators and different associations’ officials on 15/06/2013.

The training focused on effective leadership, customer handling and how to make business deals. Basically, it aimed at boosting the capacity of the participants and creating active trading mechanisms in order to satisfy customers and maximize profits.

After the completion of the training the participants confirmed that they get new insights on the subject. The training was given as part, of addressing Admas’s community development plan.  


Students Academic Discussion Forum

Students, at Meserak Campus, seized discussion on the issue of the relationships between technical and vocational trainings, as well as evaluations and assessments. 

This academic discussion initiated students to rise many questions on the matter. The students had claims on the process of evaluations and assessments techniques which have been implemented by COC center and its implications on them. They also claimed the duties and responsibilities of the trainee, trainers and institutions.

The 08, 06, 2013 students’ academic discussion was the 4th forum. Such discussion, usually, has been conducted bi-annually among students in Admas.



Survey results of 2005 E.C. had been presented by Quality Assurance Office to Admas University College community on Wednesday Megabit 3, 2006 E.C. at senate hall.







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